College Applications & Enrollment

We want your college experience to be an exciting one, full of possibilities and new opportunities! The application and enrollment process is the crucial first step of this journey. It involves understanding requirements, meeting deadlines, and discerning which options are best: skills you have likely already developed in your military career. We’ve also highlighted website links that you may find valuable as you make your way through the process of researching and applying to schools.

College Applications & Enrollment  |  Download the PDF for College Applications & Enrollment

College Credit for Military Learning

The military provided top-notch training and unequaled experience. Earn advanced standing towards a degree for what you already know!

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a term used by colleges and universities to designate learning gained outside of a traditional college classroom. When colleges accept PLA for your military learning, time spent in your educational endeavor will be expedited saving your tuition dollars and reducing your time in school!

College Credit for Military Learning  |  Download the PDF for College Credit for Military Learning

Funding Your Education

If you are a recently discharged veteran, there are several ways you can help fund your next mission: higher education! Before you start applying, it’s a good idea to get the 10,000-foot view of available benefits. We’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you better determine your eligibility, and figure out which benefits best meet your educational needs right now. In addition to helping you make informed choices about using your earned military educational benefits to fund your education, this guide also highlights other funding sources.

Funding Your Education  |  Download the PDF for Funding Your Education


This is only a general guide. If you have an inquiry on your specific eligibility and entitlement, call a Veterans Affairs representative directly at (888) 442-4551 or handle it through the VA web site at